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It's Cocktail Time for Aunt Sandy!

It's called a TamponTini and all I do is squeeze all the juice from 33 used heavy flow tampons into a mixing glass, add ice and vodka mix, and strain into martini glasses... Can I tell you something? This is the BEST cocktail i've ever dranken and i've had LOTS of cocktails!  Now it's Tablescape time, Now I just took old used heavy flow maxipads and tampons, and put them all over the table.. Its super super simple and easy to do..
Thanks for watching, and remember, keep it smart, keep it sweet, keep it slutty and always keep it, semi-homemade.  I'm Sandra Lee.. BYE!!!

Quick new recipe!

 WOW It smells wonderful in here already and all I did was put some EVOO in a saute pan, and a palmfull of nice smoky cumin! I'm gonna run my knife through my husbands testicles, throw them in the EVOO and cumin, next im gonna add 6 cloves of garlic, an anchovie, some capers, some red pepper flakes, some tomatos, and now I have a wonderful figure friendly Testicle Puttanesca! Well i'm all out of time for today, i'm Rachael Ray and remember a fast, figure friendly, evoo soaked meal is only :30minutes away. Bye!


Hey yall, I like to get some butter and rub it all over my nipples and my special georgia peach then play with my pussy until I squirt..

Then I have a fabulous tablescape made from used diarrhea toilet paper and wet bloody tampons!
Remember, keep it smart, keep it simple, keep it slutty and always keep it semi-homemade!

Oh My Gravy!!!

Wow kids, I really got this LiveJournal community rocking and rolling didn't I? All I did was put in some EVOO and a palmfull of nice smoky cumin and WOW - DELISH! YUMM-O!! 

What's Up?

 Hey Paula, I love this new community on LiveJournal.  I think it's wonderful and all of our friends are here.. Now we can really make some Good Eats! ;)

Hey Ladies!

Im gonna eat you out!  I want to suck your pussy, lick your clit, stick my finger in your hot cunt while you are on your period.  OOPS I mean I want to cook you a nice dinner... Cause I am a LESBIAN and I like to vacation in the islands of Lesbos, cause i'm a LESBIAN! 


I'm gonna kick it up a notch!

You Food Network Idiots...

All you Food Network idiots are complete fucking bobbleheads.. You couldn't cook to save your own god damn fucking lives.

Hello Fellow FN Stars!

Que Rico! Were all here in this LiveJournal community. I think that is muy bueno.  By the way, I LOVE YOU PAULA!! KEEP UP THE GOOD BUTTER.. I MEAN GOOD WORK!   DELICIOSO!